Extinguisher Trainer HT 35

Extinguishing trainer HT 35 is a very powerful device. HT 35 combines state of art technology with proven performance. Two different flame heights triggered by a switch. Very powerful flame output, ease of use and a great variety of possible dummies, also from other manufacturers.


• Extremely stable, impact-resistant control panel with status display of batteries and emergency stop button.

• Precise adjustment of the flame height by pressure reducer

• Can be used with all usual extinguishing media such      as water, CO2, powder or exercise foam.

• Polished stainless steel case. Due to the polished surface the device is easy to clean.

• Quick change of dummies possible by bayonet lock.

• Side handles for easy transport

• Extremely light and handy device

• Adapter for Dummies from other manufacturers available.

• The device is TÜV certified

• Electric waterproof socket.

• Low voltage with 12V battery for the safe handling.

• Made in Germany

• Very reliable in operation due to 2 cascaded solenoid valves (according to DIN 14097)

• Propane gas quick coupling with stop after pulling off the gas hose.

Supplied accessories:

cable remote control panel with 10m cable,


10m gas hose with pressure reducer